5 Reasons To Have Your Conference & Accommodation In The Same Venue

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If you’re planning an event in Dublin, what are your main considerations? You’ll want somewhere convenient to get to for guests and speakers, a high-spec conference facility and an experienced team looking after all of your needs. On top of the necessary components for a successful conference in Dublin, you’ll want some extras to offer your attendees to help them enjoy their day as much as possible.

This might include choosing a space with accommodation available to minimise hassle for your guests and facilitate networking after your conference is complete. DCU offers all of the above and more. Contact our friendly team to enquire about holding your conference or event in our Dublin meeting space.

1. Make it an Experience

One of the most important parts of your conference or event is the guest experience. You want everyone in attendance to be involved, feel welcome and come away with a positive experience of their time at your event. Choosing a location that allows collaboration is key. Aside from spacious conference facilities and customisable spaces, you’ll also want additional facilities to allow your guests to debrief after an informative day.

Allowing guests the option to stay overnight reduces their commute and travel time, and it’s more likely they relax and enjoy their time here. DCU has a bar on campus, ideal for catching up, chatting about the conference, and networking with fellow attendees or organisers to see what was most beneficial. We have a restaurant and shop on-site as well as multiple catering options so you can make it a fun night away without leaving campus.

2. Less Hassle for Attendees

Finding an accessible space is the best way to ensure high attendance at your event. If you have guests travelling a long way to attend, for example outside of Dublin or from overseas, you have to select a location that’s easy to get to and that offers accommodation if needed. DCU is close to the city centre, major motorways and Dublin Airport making travel easy. Providing accommodation choices for attendees means they have less hassle before and after the event.

Allow your guests to drop off their bags, enjoy your event in our Dublin event space and retire whenever they want to their on-campus accommodation. If they need parking we have car and coach spaces on site and the campus and accommodation in accessible to all.

3. Better Value Accommodation

With the cost of Dublin hotels on the rise, it might be hard for your guests to find suitable accommodation in Dublin City that does not break the bank. When you book a block of rooms alongside your conference, we can guarantee those rooms at a specific rate. This is usually better value than searching the internet for an appropriate and budget-friendly hotel in Dublin.

Rooms are also available for individual bookings and our best available rates are exclusively available when you book directly with us instead of a third party. We have a selection of room types from our newly renovated suites to cost-effective twin rooms – ideal for keeping costs down. Make it easy and cost-effective for your guests to attend the event and they’re more likely to buy tickets.

4. Easier for Organisers

As an event organiser, it’s so difficult to get everything in sync to ensure a successful event. From the catering to the flyers, every little detail has to be planned to perfection and a lot of trust is put into suppliers. One thing you don’t need on your list is researching and finding appropriate accommodation for attendees of your event. Even if you’re not booking on their behalf, guests might ask for recommendations. When your conference venue has reliable, clean and good value accommodation on-site, it’s easier for everyone!

5. Conferences in DCU

Choosing a great location for your event is something you cannot compromise on. You must ensure your location has the facilities, space and experience to make your event as excellent as you have planned it. DCU has state-of-the-art equipment and space, we provide a range of accommodation types for guests and speakers. We have four venues across three campuses each with something unique to offer. We can cater to anything from 5-1200 attendees and always have a space to suit your needs. Our accommodation can be booked in bulk or individually by your guests and is available year-round.

If we can help you organise your conference or event in Dublin, contact our dedicated team who will guide you through the process, from initial planning to final farewell. Call or email us to arrange a show around of our multiple event spaces.

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