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For a small island, Ireland shines on the global stage when it comes to its international reputation. With top international conferences and scores of high-profile meetings taking place here every year, our Conference Ambassadors have helped boost the nation’s profile on the world map by drawing academic and professional peers and colleagues to our shores for successful events.

Conference Ambassador Programme

The Conference Ambassador Programme was developed to support individuals who want to host an international conference in Ireland, and provides assistance and financial support at every stage of the event. – See what this can do for you

Bring your international Conference to Ireland

Download Fáilte Ireland’s informative handbook on how and why Ireland is the ideal location to host your international conference.


Hosting a conference is a great opportunity to highlight your discipline, promote your work and earn recognition from your peers.

As well as creating your own networking opportunities, hosting a conference also has great benefits for your professional career.

  • Increase your department profile
  • Foster research partnerships
  • Secure funding
  • Establish international links
  • Networking opportunities for the University
  • Attract new visitors to Ireland

The conference itself and the organisation of the event give you many opportunities to network with relevant professionals and peers from your association.

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