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Helping You Become The Expert

What Is The Conference Ambassador Programme?

The conference ambassador programme was originally designed by Meet In Ireland to bring more global conferences and events to Ireland. Currently, around half of Irish conferences are secured by the programme. It aligns DCU academic ambassadors with international associations.

The programme assists with aspect of your conference from your initial bid to organising the event. The DCU conferencing team will connect you with professionals relevant to your industry and event while working to make your event unique to you. We will assist in every aspect of the planning of your international conference or event.

Who Can Be A DCU Conference Ambassador?

Since the founding of the programme in 2009, DCU has worked with over 50 conference ambassadors to bring meetings and events to Ireland and host them at Dublin City University. A conference ambassador is an expert in their field of study or competence.

Conferences have taken place in DCU from 50 – 2500 delegates in many different areas of study including tech, sports, pharma, medical science and different areas of academia.

Why Become A DCU Conference Ambassador?

Organising a conference in your field shows you a leader in your chosen profession and gives you the opportunity to become an influencer in your own right. Being a conference ambassador also shows a level of respect to you and reflects well on your academic discipline as well as DCU as an educational institution. The conference itself and the organisation of the event give you many opportunities to network with relevant professionals and peers from your association.

How Do I become A Conference Ambassador?

Your first step is to get in touch. Contact our conference and events manager Lisa by filling out the form below to get started and we will be delighted to meet you and go through all the options that are available.

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