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DCU St Patricks campus 40 people to fit in this room
Conference Venue

Become A DCU Conference Ambassador

DCU campus doesn’t just provide top-class education and accommodation for students from around the world studying in Ireland. Our campus is also a popular and

1920 DCU Meet Food Options For Conferences
Conference Venue

Food Options For Your Conference

No matter how riveting your content may be, or how engaging your performance, often the stand-out part of any conference is the hospitality. People tie

Mahony Hall Theatre conferece venue at the helix DCU

Event Trends In 2024

If there is one thing meeting and event planners can be sure of, it’s a constantly changing landscape. After the complete overhaul of the event

Business man travelling with luggage

Business Travel Guide to Dublin

Dublin is known as a busy city with history, heritage and fun on every corner but it also caters very well to the business market.

Meet at the DCU for classroom styled layout for 40 people in the E block building
Meeting Rooms

How Team Workshops Build Company Culture

As a successful manager, you know how to motivate, engage and guide your high-performing team. It’s taken years of training and trial & error to

Filming in DCU

Filming location Dublin

Dublin has a great reputation as a creative city, with dozens of films, TV shows and series written and filmed here. Walk around the city

DCU Conference Venue Corridor with circular economy grapic.

Event Sustainability Guide

Now more than ever, it’s important to be aware of our individual and collective carbon footprint. In-person events have a huge impact on the environment

DCU St Patricks campus modern style with projector
Meeting Rooms

Team Training Event Dublin

Benefits of in-person team training events In the age of remote working, attending events online and enhanced technology in the event sector, it’s hard to


Event Venue Selection Criteria

Event planning means making a lot of tough decisions, especially if you’re new to the industry. One of the most crucial decisions you’ll make is

The foyer at the Helix Dublin at DCU conference and events
Conference Venue

5 Reasons to Hire Corporate Event Venue

If you’re planning a corporate event, you have a lot to think about. With everything falling to you, from the location of the event to

Bright board room with a long table and lots of seats.

Benefits of Hiring a Board Room In Dublin

Meeting and boardroom space aren’t needed every day in corporate environments, especially with the rise of virtual meetings. With real estate prices at a high,

The foyer at the Helix Dublin at DCU conference and events

Event Branding

Event branding is the process of communicating your brand purpose and personality throughout your event. Ensuring your brand is recognisable throughout the event will help

Meet at DCU boardroom for 30 people

Networking at Events: Your Guide To Success!

Conferences and events provide an excellent opportunity to network and make valuable connections with people from various industries and backgrounds. These connections allow you to