5 Reasons to Hire Corporate Event Venue

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Sarah Corcoran

If you’re planning a corporate event, you have a lot to think about. With everything falling to you, from the location of the event to keeping the guests engaged, it’s easy to feel like you’re forgetting something. If you’re planning an event, the venue is one of the most important aspects and the facilities within that space are just as crucial to a successful and memorable event. Whether for a conference, networking, educational event, business event or a charity or community dinner, a dedicated venue space is important to give off a professional image and make organising as easy as possible.

1. Choose Privacy

An alternative to hiring an event space for a corporate event is to host it within your office, a place where your employees spend 40+ hours per week. It’s not ideal to have guests invade your employee’s personal space and it may be necessary to hide personal and professionally sensitive materials. Hosting an event in a less formal environment like a hotel function room or local hall doesn’t feel as professional and certainly doesn’t lend itself to privacy. A dedicated private venue space for your corporate event allows everyone to focus on your content, relax in an appropriate space and encourages collaboration between attendees. 

2. Impress Your Clientele

Most corporate events involve clientele and guests that are outside of your business and in the wider industry. This might include potential customers, investors, and current and future clients. Your event should aim to impress your current and future clientele as well as demonstrating to your employees how committed you are to your business. Think back on the corporate events you have attended and how the event venue, layout, catering, content and opportunity made it a successful and memorable event. Event space varies from ballrooms to professional conference spaces and choosing the right space for your event is key to success. 

3. Space and Flexibility

Whether you are hosting an intimate invite-only event, or a large scale plus one event, choosing your space carefully is essential. You have to consider if the alternative to a corporate conference venue has the space, facilities, and amenities and is professional enough to cater to your unique needs. Venues like DCU Dublin conference venue can cater to virtually any sized event appropriately, ranging from small spaces for workshops to large lecture-style events, all with catering and equipment hire available. Flexibility within the space allows you to structure the layout, décor and equipment to suit your needs.

4. Event Essentials

When you hire a professional event venue, as the organiser, you’re making your life a little easier. Most Dublin conference venues come with reasonable inclusions, depending on the arrangement. These might include equipment hire, IT support, sound systems, catering and more, depending on your needs. Anything that’s not included can usually be added at an additional cost if needed and looked after by the event managers with minimal effort from the organisers. On-site event specialists are usually on hand to help and deal with any urgent changes or issues that might arise. This makes event planning easier, cuts out third-party suppliers and helps you focus on creating an inviting atmosphere for your guests.

5. Accessibility and Amenities

A good venue does not only consider the room hire, they extend to what it can offer outside the room. They offer a distraction-free zone, away from the workplace which attendees can reach easily. Things like physical accessibility for individuals, accessibility on public transport, parking availability, local amenities like shops and so many more factors go into making an event run smoothly and be as accessible as possible to your guests. When you choose a dedicated corporate event space like DCU in Glasnevin, you’re also allowing your guests to explore our beautiful campus and the historic buildings and parks surrounding it. 

At DCU, we provide conference venues and event space across our 3 campuses in Glasnevin, All Hallows and St Patrick’s. Our meeting rooms and conference venues in Dublin can accommodate from 5 to 1200 attendees. Contact our dedicated Dublin conference and event team for more information on what one of Dublin’s most beautiful event spaces has to offer.