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Event branding is the process of communicating your brand purpose and personality throughout your event. Ensuring your brand is recognisable throughout the event will help your attendees differentiate the event from others. ` 

Identify The Purpose of Your Event 

The first step in planning an in-person event is to define the purpose of your event. By finding your event’s purpose, you will clearly understand what you are trying to communicate, encourage and promote. Some examples of your event include generating investments from company shareholders, corporate team bonding, launching a new product, engaging customers, and raising money for charity. Once you clearly define the purpose of your event, you can begin to shape the event experience. For example, this will help you decide whether you create an environment that promotes networking, audience engagement, guest entertainment or sharing data-driven information.  

Brand Alignment 

Brand alignment is a vital part of an event. Your brand identity should be considered in all decisions during event planning. Ensuring that your brand identity and values are reinforced throughout your event will significantly improve the message. 
This event and brand synergy will build trust and credibility with your event attendees. Your audience will appreciate authenticity and will be more likely to engage during the event and after improving the long-term impact of the event. This event and brand constructive collaboration can be proven with consistent messaging and actions across all audience touch points before, during and after the event.  

Selecting An Appropriate Venue 

Choosing an appropriate venue for your event is a critical step in planning your event.  It’s true what they say… first impressions count.   The venue is the first thing attendees will see as they arrive.  Choosing a suitable venue will captivate guests and generate excitement. 
The event venue should be right for the purpose of the event. Consider different layouts and how they affect networking. Consider the entertainment and whether the venue layout will ensure attendees can get involved. 
The event venue should align with your brand identity. This will create synergy, which will give your guests a better understanding of your brand. For example, if a tech company is hosting an event, hiring a high-tech venue would make more sense.  
The location of your event should be convenient for attendees. Think about where your attendees are coming from.  If they are international guests, choose a venue close to the airport and hotels. If alcohol is served at the event, ensure public transport or taxis are available.  
Meet In DCU has an excellent location just outside Dublin City Centre. We have a wide range of event venues of different shapes, sizes, and aesthetics. Check out our gallery to see if one of our venues could be the perfect venue for your next event.  

Signage and Colours 

Creating visuals that are engaging is important. It’s essential that all visual presentations and signage are a true representation of your brand. Remember to incorporate your brand colours and fonts when designing signage. This will reinforce brand recognition.  
Using interactive signage, such as digital displays, can encourage attendee engagement. This can supply entertainment for guests and educate them about your business.  

Photo Opportunity 

Ensuring there are photo opportunities at your event is a fantastic way to reach a wider audience online. Creating sharable content will allow you to increase awareness of your event and share your message.  
Depending on your brand identity, audience, and event purpose, you can tailor photo opportunities to be fun and playful or professional. Photo booths have been popular for product launches and customer engagement. For professional events, you can opt for headshots and a company-branded backdrop.  
For a corporate event, LinkedIn is a great way place to share social media posts about your corporate event.  Giving event attendees a photo opportunity will further drive the reach of your event and promote brand awareness, as audience members can share their own photos and messages with their individual networks. 
Top-tip:  Share photo content with event attendees and encourage them to post. This could be as simple as giving them access to a Google Drive folder.  

Entertainment and Speakers 

When you are choosing entertainment or guest speakers, it’s critical that you consider your company’s or personal brand.  Do your research and ensure that your entertainment will align with your brand values and personality to ensure cohesiveness.  
For example, if a cosmetic company were to launch a new product, it wouldn’t make much sense to book an Astronaut to speak at the launch.  This would confuse attendees and go against the company’s brand and the event’s purpose.  It might make sense to hire live music and professional makeup artists to do demos with the new products.  

When planning an in-person event, always remember to keep your purpose and company values at the forefront of all your decision-making when planning your event.  This will ensure that your event is a true representation of your company and will build trust and credibility. 
Meet In DCU has a wide range of event venues to choose from, with on-site accommodation and catering available. Contact us to see if we can tailor one of the event venues to meet your needs.
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