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If there is one thing meeting and event planners can be sure of, it’s a constantly changing landscape. After the complete overhaul of the event scene in 2020 – by force not by choice! – organisers are looking at the future of planning effective, successful events. With the rise of AI and interactive content, the future of event planning is exciting and limitless. At DCU we’re moving with the times and welcome events across all genres, welcoming groups of up to 1200 to our sustainable, modern event spaces in Dublin. Contact our team for more information about hosting your event in one of our four spaces across three campuses in Dublin.


Something that has been on-trend for a long time (and long may it last!) is the concern for sustainability in event planning. Consumers expect brands to demonstrate their commitment to social issues like sustainability and events should follow suit. With net zero goals from companies big and small, experienced event spaces like DCU can help organisations to keep their carbon footprint low and reduce their impact during event the largest scale events. We’re happy to advise conference organisers of DCU’s sustainability policies.

In-Person v Virtual

It’s no surprise that virtual and hybrid events are here to stay but in-person events will be at the heart of most event and hospitality programmes in 2024. Face-to-face experiences provide opportunities for deeper engagement, networking, and interaction making them critical for a successful event and lasting impression. While in-person events are critical, virtual and hybrid experiences are valuable and here to stay. They make the event landscape more accessible to all.

Artificial Intelligence

AI was one of the hottest topics in the industry last year, and that conversation continues to grow in 2024. The rise of generative AI tools has made event planners marketers, designers and more a way to automate time-consuming tasks so you can focus on the more important parts of the planning. As AI tools become smarter and more adaptive, we expect to see a big uptake in their use across the industry. This results in more creative, detail-oriented and thoughtful events.

Harnessing Data

While feedback forms and follow-up calls were the way in the past, harnessing data has become so much easier in recent times with the help of technology and AI. A post-event survey can provide you with only limited data you will need to continue producing successful events. Systems to collect data from your community ahead of time means event organisers can use that data to create a program that will attract attendees. Make sure to plan properly and capture the right data that’s valuable to your company and customers.

Another trend that is on the rise and we hope for many years, is seeing diversity and inclusion as big parts of event planning and conferences. Planners will make conscious efforts to feature diverse speakers, performers, and content that reflect a range of perspectives and cultures. Event spaces need to be physically accessible to all types of attendees from those less able to get around to those with vision and hearing disabilities. These kinds of inclusions are no longer optional, and attendees are quick to point out when diversity is not present. Diverse also attracts a wider attendee pool and a more worldly audience.

Interactive Experiences

With individuals bombarded with more content than ever, event planners and marketers must find creative new ways to engage with their audiences. If a person is making the effort to attend an in-person event, they expect to be fully immersed and engaged with the event content and design. An event’s ability to capture the attention of attendees increases the likelihood of them leaving satisfied, engaging with your brand’s content, and returning to future events. Expect to see a rise in compelling and interactive content, wellness spaces, and greater networking opportunities in 2024. When you have excellent and engaging content, it can be repurposed online for maximum return on investment and longevity.

Meet in DCU can help with event planning from small board meetings to large-scale seminars. Our teams are familiar with trends, and we can work together to create the perfect event that you envision. Contact us for more information about our conference space, on-campus facilities and on-site accommodation for both attendees and organisers & speakers.

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Event Trends In 2024

If there is one thing meeting and event planners can be sure of, it’s a constantly changing landscape. After the complete overhaul of the event

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