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Sarah Corcoran

Dublin has a great reputation as a creative city, with dozens of films, TV shows and series written and filmed here. Walk around the city at the right time of day and you’re sure to find a camera crew setting up somewhere. The city’s famous landmarks look beautiful on the big screen from small independent films to big international hits. DCU is a popular spot to film in Dublin with a mixture of historic and modern locations and on-site accommodation for cast & crew. Our campus is spacious and easily accessible by road, transport and close to the airport and we have an experienced team on-site to assist in any way you need. Find out more about filming in DCU on our website.

All Hallows Campus

Possibly the most historic and beautiful of our campus’ in Dublin is All Hallows. Located a short drive from our main campus in Glasnevin. All Hallows was founded in 1842 and has features and architecture from this period and many periods following. You will find remnants of history such as Drumcondra House, Purcell House, Senior House, Dunboyne Boardroom, John Hand Room, and the All Hallows Chapel that has featured in some of the backdrops for many renowned scenes. While it is a historic location, it has all of the modern conveniences you could hope for and plenty of space for trailers, cabins and catering.

Modern Filming Location in Dublin

As well as history and beauty, DCU offers a variety of modern campus facilities and backdrops that might better suit the genre of your production. From glass reception areas to modern libraries, to state-of-the-art buildings and facilities, our range of campus locations offers a variety of backdrops to suit your scene, keeping your cast, crew and audience engaged. Our filming locations suit all types of production from high-profile Hollywood movies to low-budget and regional productions. All genres of TV and movie can be shot here from drama and mystery to horror and sci-fi. With over 100 acres across three campus locations, you will find the most interesting and stunning scenes to capture.

Accommodation Locations

Sometimes your production does not need fantastic architecture or a modern cityscape setting. Often the most moving and interesting scenes are simple dialogue between characters in an accommodation setting. As well as providing high quality and affordable accommodation for cast and crew, our accommodation can also be used as a filming backdrop. Our indoor accommodation locations are fully customisable with furniture and décor to suit the genre, props and scene in question. We have three options for indoor filming of anything from modern to historic accommodation scenes. The theme and tone of the location give a unique and dynamic offering to every production. We’d be happy to show you some options before you commit to your filming location.

Medical Dramas

Hospitals and medical backdrops are some of the most high-energy, emotional, and exciting scenes in any production. From demise to childbirth, your characters need a believable and authentic backdrop to enhance the audience experience. Filming locations should add to your scene, not distract your audience and with medical scenes shot at DCU School of Nursing you get exactly that. There is a full hospital ward on-site, sanitary and wash units, hospital beds, hospital reception, and all hospital equipment needed for a true-to-life hospital backdrop. Used by many film productions and ads, DCU is the complete solution for your medical and hospital scenes.

DCU as a Filming Location in Dublin

As well as our filming locations, DCU offers a range of on-site facilities which will elevate your experience beyond a usual day at work. Our fitness and sports facilities has a 1.07m – 1.50m swimming pool, a Tepidarium, a sauna, steam room, spa pool, studios, a sports hall and a fitness centre and gym, suitable for professional training. We offer a range of accommodation options to guests and visitors alike, ranging from budget-shared accommodation for crew to suites and apartments for important guests. On site, our canteen and restaurant can fuel your team and we offer catering options upon request. On-site we have a shop with a deli, a chemist, and a library for further filming locations and convenience. Our location is ideal for commuting to and from the airport or the city centre quickly and easily.

We’d be happy to discuss your filming needs and show you around each of our campuses and locations. Make an appointment to visit and discuss your needs and budget with our team.