Using Technology to Engage With an Audience

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Sarah Corcoran

Long conferences, meetings and events can pose problems for many attendees. Restless people, those with focus or concentration issues and younger people may find a conference difficult to sit through which can be distracting for presenters or other attendees. For marketers and event organisers, technology presents an opportunity for you to reach and connect with your audience on another level, keeping their focus and concentration for longer. When you choose a high-spec Dublin conference and events venue for your gathering, you’re giving yourself more options for entertaining and engaging your audience with technology. Contact the DCU events team to learn more about hosting your event in our flexible Dublin events venue.

Generate a Buzz Around the Event

Start as you mean to go on, using technology and the internet to your advantage to create anticipation about your event. No matter what you’re selling or educating people on, there is an audience online. Using digital marketing techniques, you can make sure the right eyes are on your ad. You can showcase your content, your product, your event venue and so much more with minimal investment. Use custom-designed graphics and videos to draw the attention you want and give your audience an idea of what to expect. Social Media and hashtags are a low-cost means of engaging with audiences from all backgrounds and a great way of spreading word of mouth.

Back to Basics

Before you plan any high-tech entertainment, make sure you have a really good handle on the basics. Quality sound is the staple of any good event. Whether you’re hosting a conference, meeting a school play or theatre performance, it’s so important your guests can hear you clearly. Bad sound takes from the overall experience and distracts from the message. Even if you’re hosting a small event, use mics so everyone in the room can hear you well.

Video content is another key when hosting a conference or presentation. These digital platforms enable speakers to attract the attention of the audience and get them engaged with their event on more levels than audio alone. Videos hold attention better, break up long blocks of speaking and help create a visual story of your brand. 

Interact with Speakers

Speakers at events are too often seen as intimidating or too busy to stop and mingle with attendees. If you want to allow yourself or the speaker at your event to publicise your event or offer an after-event service to attendees, you can use technology to help. Instead of having guests hang around to queue up for pictures or to ask questions, you can create a forum or ‘chatroom’ featuring your speaker engaging with ticketholders. It’s also a great way for people with similar interests to engage after the event. Submitting questions before or during the event and having a staff member on hand to filter and ask the important questions will keep the Q&A section of your event engaging and allow it to flow better. 

In-event Entertainment

Break up long blocks of lectures or text-heavy PowerPoint slides with something a little different. Using light and sound displays, videos and images will make it easier for people to focus for longer. Engaging content allows attendees to make the most of their experience by allowing them to interpret content in ways that best suit their interests and needs. You can be as interactive as you like, asking for audience participation in quizzes, and digital questionnaires and promoting engagement after the event with websites and apps. Interactive technology allows your audience to directly engage with your content, especially if it’s presented in a fun and intriguing way – something that can be achieved no matter the subject matter. Not only does it look better, it also reduces the amount of information your audience has to take in at one time.

Technology truly elevates an event, creating an emotional engagement with your audience and promoting brand loyalty and return attendees. DCU events and conference venue in Dublin offers a flexible, comfortable venue for any type of gathering. Speak to our team about how we can elevate your event using the latest technology in our event venue in Dublin.