What we have learned about planning events from Covid

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Sarah Corcoran

As life slowly but surely adapts to yet another new normal, we are happy to welcome the return of in-person events, conferences and concerts. Our Dublin conference venue and our team have adapted to new ways of hosting, facilitating, and coordinating these events to keep up with demand and changing restrictions. We’ve had to be flexible and rely on technology more than previously, as well as upping our health and safety measures. We’ve learned a lot over the past two years and want to share some event planning tips that we’ve found valuable.

Always have a backup

If there is one thing we’ve learned over the past two years, it’s that even the best-laid plans often go awry. Our team are always forward planning and encourage even organisers to always have a backup plan. If your event is full and social distancing rules come back – have a second, larger room on standby. If your in-person event has to be cancelled- make sure you are ready to host virtually. If your keynote speaker becomes ill, do you have a backup? Try to think of the worst-case scenario and a way to counteract it in advance of your event. This will relieve last-minute panic and ensure that no matter what, your guests will be delighted with your event.

Importance of Technology

Many of us are self-proclaimed Luddites, preferring pen and paper over new-fangled technology. Some of us rely on a face-to-face connection preferring a human connection to present our ideas rather than an impersonal screen with no immediate feedback. Over the past two years in the event industry, we have relied more on technology than in ten before. Embrace virtual hosting, cloud-based file sharing, online payments and software designed to make your life easier. It adds a layer of security to your event and takes a lot of pressure off of organisers should the worst happen. At DCU our many meeting and event spaces in Dublin are fully equipped with high-spec technology and patient and capable staff to help you use it.

Health and Safety

Health and safety should always be priority number one for any event but never more so than the past couple of years. Event organisers should follow diligently the vaccination, mask-wearing, social distance, capacity and testing protocols set out by the CDC and communicate these with speakers and attendees well in advance. Chances are your guests will feel better about attending an in-person event if they understand what has been done to mitigate risks. Put your guest’s minds at ease by letting them know the lengths you and your venue have gone through to keep them safe.

Nothing beats a live event

In the beginning, virtual events were a novelty. After two years, we’re missing the human interaction and collaboration of a live event. Nothing beats the atmosphere of a group of people with similar interests gathered in the same place, enjoying an interactive lecture or workshop. Networking and building professional & personal relationships only come from live events. If it’s appropriate to do so, plan your event in person in DCU, one of Dublin’s best meeting spaces for a safe, flexible and professional experience. Our flexible spaces are ideal to accommodate

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events, those which combine live and virtual attendance, will certainly continue into 2022-2023 and beyond. The benefits of continuing to offer hybrid events include increased reach, enhanced return on investment and depending on the ratio of in-person and online attendees, a lower carbon footprint too. Organisers and venues have to step up their offering to cater to the changing demand of attendees and clients. DCU Events teams are constantly evolving our offering, keeping up with demand and trends and offering constant professional support to event organisers no matter what their unique needs.

Plan your event in one of Dublin’s premier conference venues, DCU. Our high-spec meeting spaces, on-site facilities and dedicated planning and support team will make your event stand out for all of the right reasons. Contact us today to plan your event.