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One of the hot topics this year in news and politics around the world is climate change. We’re encouraged to each do our part, at home or in business, to be as kind to the environment as possible and reduce our carbon footprint. It’s easy to forget about being eco-friendly when you’re dealing with the stress of planning a large-scale conference or event. Following a couple of simple steps and choosing an eco-conscious event space in Dublin like DCU will make a big difference. Reducing your waste, recycling where you can and educating your attendees will help to make your event less harmful to the environment. Contact our team in DCU event space in Dublin to learn more about the efforts we’ve made on campus to reduce the carbon footprint of the conferences and events held here.

Ban Single-Use Plastic 

Banning single-use plastic from your event will dramatically reduce the amount of non-biodegradable waste produced. Opting for venues that share your values and do not provide single-use plastics will make organising a more sustainable event easier. Single-use plastics include cups, stirrers, bottles, straws, and even pens. If you’re giving favours or freebies to attendees, avoid throwaway items, instead opting for reusable bottles and coffee cups. You should also provide refill stations so attendees aren’t forced to use single-use items. DCU has recently become Ireland’s first complete single-use plastic-free campus, a title we are very proud of. We make eco-friendly events more of a reality by omitting harmful plastics on your behalf.

Reuse and Recycle 

Aside from plastic, we should aim to ban single-use everything for events to keep them sustainable but that’s not always a possibility. From brochures to posters, signage to worksheets, a lot of paper is used when hosting events. By avoiding these and going with digital and more eco-friendly alternatives, you’ll not only reduce waste, but you’ll also keep costs down and save trees! If you do need to provide these things, make sure they are reusable or at the very least, come from sustainable and fair trade sources. Planning your waste production and disposal in advance is the key to reducing your consumption. Do a little research and planning before the event and don’t leave anything to chance.

Sustainable Catering

Catering is a big part of events and is another area where you can cut down on your carbon footprint. Using local suppliers not only supports the local economy but cuts down on air miles of the food, making it a more sustainable option. Using only organic and ethically sourced food will also help as fewer harmful chemicals have entered the earth in the production of the food. Serve your food without the need for throwaway plates and cutlery and encourage guests to bring their own if they’re needed. Take a poll when inviting guests so you can accurately order the food you’ll need without too much food waste.

Getting There

The biggest contributor to event’s carbon monoxide emissions is transport to & from the venue. Keep the accessibility and connectivity of the event venue in mind while planning. Make sure the venue is easily accessible by public transport and provides secure bicycle storage for guests to encourage them to keep their carbon footprint down.  Where possible encourage carpooling to reduces carbon emissions of attendees traveling by car.  You’ll also want to consider a venue that has on-site or nearby accommodation to avoid unnecessary commuting. DCU Campus is well connected by road, rail, air and public transport with plenty of eco-conscious ways to get here. Our on-site accommodation is ideal for overseas or far-travelling guests with little hassle to commute to and from the event space.  

Educate your Attendees

The best cure is prevention.  Take proactive steps to prevent unnecessary waste before your event. Let your guests know from the moment they express interest in your conference or event exactly how you plan to keep it eco-friendly. Encourage them to make informed travel, dining and waste choices before they arrive. They may pick up good habits to carry forward to future events.

Our Dublin conference venue makes it easy to make eco-conscious choices when planning an event. We’d be delighted to host your conference, meeting or event in our Dublin event space. Contact our team today to learn more about our flexible, purpose-built event space in Drumcondra.
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