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Sarah Corcoran

DCU campus doesn’t just provide top-class education and accommodation for students from around the world studying in Ireland. Our campus is also a popular and high-quality event venue in Dublin, ideal for all types of conferences and meetings. From large-scale TV productions to smaller seminars and conferences, our campus has a range of excellent meeting spaces and facilities to suit all setups and events.

Our Conference Ambassadors are an important part of our events and conference offerings in DCU and we’d love to welcome more ambassadors to our ranks. Contact us to find out more about hosting your event at DCU or becoming a representative.

What is the Conference Ambassador Programme?

‘With top international conferences and scores of high-profile meetings taking place here every year, our Conference Ambassadors have helped boost the nation’s profile on the world map by drawing academic and professional peers and colleagues to our shores for successful events.’ – Meet in Ireland

The conference ambassador programme was originally designed by Meet in Ireland to bring more conferences and events to Ireland. Today, half of all conferences confirmed for Ireland each year are secured by an Irish Conference Ambassador. As part of the programme, DCU academic ambassadors are connected with international associations. The programme assists with every aspect of your conference from your initial bid to organising the event with expert advice, guidance and often financial support offered.

The DCU conferencing team will connect you with professionals relevant to your industry and event while working to make your event unique to you. Our professional and experienced team assist in every aspect of planning your international conference or event in Dublin.

Who can become a DCU Conference Ambassador?

A conference ambassador is an expert in their field of study or competence. As the Irish representatives of international organisations, they’re well-placed to spark interest in their home country.

Since the founding of the programme in 2009, DCU has had the pleasure of working with over 50 DCU conference ambassadors bringing meetings, conferences and events to DCU to show them what Dublin has to offer. Conferences have taken place in DCU from 50 – 2500 delegates in many different areas of study including tech, sports, pharma, medical science and different areas of academia.

Becoming a DCU Conference Ambassador.

Organising a conference in your field of expertise allows you to become an influencer in your own right. It reflects well on your academic discipline and brings revenue and notoriety to your field and to DCU as an educational institution. It allows you to mix and network with peers within your own discipline, furthering your rapport and circle of professional contacts. The first step to becoming a DCU Conference Ambassador is to get in touch.

Contact our conference and events manager Lisa by filling out a form on our website to get started. We will be delighted to meet you and go through all of the available options. You can enjoy a tour of our facilities, get to know our team a little better and be well-prepared to organise and attract conferences and meetings to DCU.

Meet in DCU

Between our three campuses in DCU, we have a meeting space to suit all needs. From small interview-style rooms to large-scale classroom-style conferences, our spaces are varied and customisable to suit your needs. DCU Glasnevin is our largest campus with 32 conference rooms across five different buildings catering to up to 1260 attendees. There are on-site facilities such as a sports and leisure centre making it the perfect spot to stay overnight after your event in Dublin.

DCU St Patrick’s facilities has all of the modern facilities of DCU while retaining its historic charm and beautiful architecture. 15 meeting spaces accommodate up to 150 guests and if you’d prefer, we have one private house for additional security and privacy. DCU All Hallows has 11 meeting and event rooms including classrooms, theatre-style spaces, and a chapel for those extra special gatherings. It’s been featured on-screen many times and is sure to make your event stand out.

Find out more about becoming a conference ambassador for DCU or hosting your event in our Dublin conference venue. We look forward to working together to create excellent events across any discipline.