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Meeting and boardroom space aren’t needed every day in corporate environments, especially with the rise of virtual meetings. With real estate prices at a high, these seldom used spaces can be better utilised within your office, saving space and money for businesses. Luckily, there are plenty of Dublin events venues where you can hire a boardroom space for your team or external clients. Boardroom hire is flexible, allowing for half-day, full-day or multiple-day meetings so you only pay for what you use. They’re especially useful for teams getting together for projects or large presentations that include more people than you can comfortably fit in your office. Contact Meet in DCU for information about our boardroom space.


When team members are given a dedicated space to meet in, it’s easier for them to be productive. If they’re crowded around a colleague’s desk in a busy office, they’re less likely to have a successful and efficient meeting. Communication is crucial within any company and a boardroom allows teams and managers to communicate openly in a private and appropriate space. Providing refreshments during meetings also helps with productivity as employees aren’t concerned about their next coffee break and can focus on the task at hand. Meetings in dedicated spaces can lead to better ideas, more efficient processes, and even enhanced creativity, allowing your business to reach its goals faster. 


Communication is integral for any growing company, and a meeting room is an excellent means of encouraging communication within your team. A quiet environment also means you are less likely to be distracted by outside noise and other people. Privacy is important for efficient teamwork and appropriate space will encourage better concentration and better outcomes. Meetings and boardrooms are great for team building and team bonding activities too, not just serious business meetings. Boardroom space can be customised to your needs, whether that means traditional meeting styles or something more unusual. This might be creative problem-solving challenges, team brainstorming, live painting, scavenger hunts, team bonding activities, games and more.


Unlike a typical public setting, dedicated meeting rooms give you confidence that all your confidential information will remain private and secure. If you need to discuss private or confidential information with colleagues or employees, a coffee shop isn’t usually a very appropriate space to do so. Meeting rooms provide privacy and confidentiality for your meetings, much more suitable for sensitive meetings. For important meetings with external clients, a board room venue in Dublin is a good way to ensure not only privacy but also a great way of ensuring that the proceedings start on neutral ground, allowing everyone to feel as relaxed and cooperative as possible.

Creating Impressions

The right venue space, in the right location can create a professional atmosphere your business needs to impress potential clients. A hired boardroom venue in Dublin portrays style, personality, and professionalism that your office may not. They exude professionalism and success. Your clients, partners or potential customers will be impressed by the fact that you hired a dedicated meeting room for your conversations, showing them how important their business is to you. Boardrooms are great spaces for seminars, team building, presentations, interviews and much more.


Meeting rooms come with a range of amenities to assist you in making your meetings more productive. Usually, as part of the room hire charge, you will have access to appropriate furniture, an AV system, a projector and screen, IT support and a dedicated events coordinator to help with any issues that may arise. Complimentary, high-speed wireless internet should be standard, allowing you to hold video conferences or online meetings with no trouble. When you choose Meet in DCU as your Dublin boardroom venue, our on-site facilities include all of the above, plus catering services, an on-campus shop, a gym, accommodation and more.

Not only does a convenient professional meeting space make attending an event easy, it adds to the overall experience, making it more enjoyable, productive, and professional. Contact our dedicated events team in DCU to find out more about our meeting and boardrooms and arrange to visit. Our team are always on hand to ensure your meeting goes as smoothly as planned from your first enquiry to successful completion.

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