How Team Workshops Build Company Culture

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As a successful manager, you know how to motivate, engage and guide your high-performing team. It’s taken years of training and trial & error to build the perfect team – but what if you need to upscale this positive dynamic to the entire company? Creating a culture of supportive teamwork is not the same as team building but if your individual teams are strong you have a great foundation. A strong company culture is often the key to success within a business and increases employee satisfaction and productivity. Team and company workshops help to build a positive company culture and foster teamwork and bonding within an organisation. Contact us to learn more about how our Dublin event venue can help to build your company culture.

Goal Setting

As part of a team workshop is working on goal setting. The workshop will be most successful if your team can identify and refine a common goal and work together to achieve it. The goal should not be achievable by an individual, instead requiring everyone to play their part, collaborating to reach the favoured end result. The activity should set goals for building individual, team and management expectations for work and performance. Teams must identify key events, rewards and form a strategy to get closer to the goal together. The plan and the end objective must be communicated with employees, so everyone feels appreciated and valued.

Identify Company Values

A companywide workshop is a learning opportunity for everyone in your company. It might bring to light some aspects or challenges of the business that even senior management weren’t aware of. These open discussions may lead to the establishment or re-evaluation of your company values, which may have changed in your years of business. It’s not enough to list your values, employees want to see where they are put into action both day to day and in trying times. Knowing that there are honourable values in the company will build a foundation of trust and honesty within the company – both important for a strong and positive company culture.

Modelling Conflict Resolution

Unfortunately, not all workplaces run smoothly all of the time. You’ll find within the workshop, as in life, some obstacles occur within teams, whether they are personal, or workflow-related. Conflict resolution is a skill that all good managers possess and one that all good teams should practice. During a workshop, modelling conflict resolution will give your teams and their leaders the experience and confidence to work on their conflicts as a team instead of escalating situations and ‘pulling rank’. This type of change needs to happen from the top down for a culture shift to occur within the organisation and all team members need to be involved and included in this module of the workshop.

Have Fun!

Above all else, you want your organisation to be a place where people can work hard and to the best of their abilities while encouraging fun and companionship within the workplace. Team building workshops should not be all hard work, delving into your team psyche and working out issues. They should be a space for employees to connect, engage with people outside of their usual day-to-day work and build interpersonal relationships that will stand inside and outside of the workplace. If there is no fun built into your workshop, attendees might lose interest quickly. You might also consider organising a team dinner or drinks after the workshop to debrief and spend time together informally.

Dublin Event Venue

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