Event Trends 2023

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Sarah Corcoran

Just as fashion and music have their time, you’ll notice changes in trends in the way we host events. We could never have predicted how much meetings and events would have to change during lockdowns and restrictions. From social media promotion to a stronger focus on sustainability, innovation is changing the way we interact, and conferences & events are no different. New technology has disrupted the norm and event venues in Dublin and beyond are changing to facilitate these improvements. DCU provide a flexible, customisable experience to event organisers to successfully host all types of events and conferences in Dublin. 

Using Social Media 

Social media is not new, and neither is being invited to events via online platforms, but the popularity of events promotion on social media is growing. According to a recent survey by Eventbrite, 64% of people said they will make their decisions about which events to go to based on what they saw online. Social media as an events marketing tool influences how people find information and decide whether or not to attend an event. It’s also one of the best ways to measure success, acceptance of invites and receive feedback. In 2023, event planners must ensure their event promotion tools can integrate with platforms like TikTok, Facebook and Instagram for optimal success.


Another trend which is neither new nor innovative, sustainability within events is becoming more and more popular. Gen Y & Z are increasingly worried about the state of the environment and are making conscious choices to support events and conferences with a sustainable approach. Choosing a venue for your event in Dublin that makes a tangible effort to be ‘greener’ is not only the right thing to do, it also attracts a wider and more engaged audience. Among sustainable guidelines, event organisers are encouraged to make promote better transport options, dining options and waste reduction within their meetings.

In-Person Events Make A Comeback

With restrictions in place the past couple of years, virtual-only events were the only way the industry kept its head above water. With people more relaxed and no restrictions in place in 2023 (fingers crossed!), virtual-only events are seeing a decline. According to Meeting & Group Business magazine, the events market is set for its ‘strongest year ever’ in 2023 with a focus on in-person meetings and events. 2023 will be a year for hybrid meetings with attendees who cannot make it in person given the option of downloading the content of the event after the date. This also makes an event much more accessible for those with physical or neurological difficulties.


While we’re on the topic, accessibility will be popular in 2023 too. Many event organisers struggle to create and foster a fully accessible event for all attendees, both in person and virtual. In 2023, we expect to see an uptake in accessibility and for event organisers to value digital accessibility. This means becoming familiar with screen readers, voice recognition tools and other software that makes events digestible for all types of attendees. We expect that event venues will implement accessibility standards to further promote inclusivity and it will be an important part of event planning going forward.

Event Data Management

Just like paid social advertising the data you generate from the people attending your events is invaluable and should be used to your full advantage. Similar to the concept of targeting ads on social media to reach the right people at the right time, using the data generated from your in-person or virtual event can optimise your next event. If an event doesn’t reach its targets, you can save time and money using the data to improve the next one. If it is successful, use the information you have to replicate it for future events. Measuring things like the number of registrations, attendance rates, rate of return and the engagement rates will give you invaluable insight into the meeting or conference measuring success or changing what you need to.

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