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In March 2020, the global pandemic effectively killed the live event industry overnight. If it wasn’t for the super-fast innovation and creativity of event organisers, the entire industry would have collapsed entirely. Virtual events, concerts, exhibitions, performances, and trade shows quickly became a part of everyday life during lockdowns. Keeping up to date with the latest trends in event planning is vital to the success of an event and the industry. Event planners, event managers, suppliers and venues should take heed of Event Trends for 2022 to stay ahead of the game.

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Hybrid Events

Although in-person events have made a big comeback, businesses will continue to host virtual or hybrid events simply because they have been so successful. A hybrid event automatically makes your event more accessible to those who cannot travel for health, financial or mobility issues. Venues and planners will need to determine what level of flexibility they will need to offer to attendees long in advance of their event. Policies, changes, and updates should be clearly outlined in contracts and communicated clearly to bookers and attendees. Venues and planners should always have a Plan B, be it a pivot to virtual-only or a larger venue to facilitate social distancing.

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Staff Shortages

The Great Resignation in 2021 & 2022 has seen millions of people leave their jobs across all employment sectors but most notably hospitality. Workers everywhere are realising their worth, holding higher expectations for their roles, and looking for companies that place importance on personal wellness, mental health, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Understaffing is one of the top challenges facing event planners in 2022 leading to overworked, burnt-out organisers. Venues, planners, and organisers need to give their employees great reasons to work together and better reasons to stay. This includes treating employees well, paying a living wage, offering additional benefits, and promoting a healthy workplace culture.

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Focus on Health, Safety, and Hygiene

The past two years have seen a huge revival and focus on health, safety, and hygiene within the events industry. Social distancing is no longer a benefit but an expectation. Touchless check-in & other technology has become the norm along with digital event communication. 2022 will show us that these procedures are here to stay. Planners should risk assess every event planning and budgeting for safety as a priority rather than an afterthought. Venues should provide safe and sanitary event spaces, and flexible booking policies, communicating these clearly with planners and attendees, offering peace of mind. Your Plan B should include last-minute safety changes and medical emergencies.

At DCU, our guest’s safety is always our top priority. DCU conference space in Dublin has strictly followed all government guidelines and amended our policies to comply with the latest health and safety advice.

Sustainability Focus

Producers, vendors, and suppliers the world over are choosing to commit to more sustainable business practices and planning more eco-friendly events. There has been a notable shift in the event industry toward carbon-neutral events with little to no waste. Sourcing responsibly, reducing your carbon footprint, and keeping the mantra ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ in mind while planning will have a positive environmental impact.

When planning an event, use what already exists. Repurpose areas, items, and materials and only provide items that can be reused after the event. Hosting smaller, more frequent events in different locations close to home will reduce your carbon footprint and make your event more meaningful for attendees. Planning virtual or hybrid events reduce the environmental impact of event travel.

DCU event space in Dublin is actively working toward a plastic-free campus. We use local and sustainable suppliers to reduce waste and lower our carbon footprint.

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