How To Safely Plan A Conference in Dublin

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Sarah Corcoran

With live events, meetings, and conferences back on the books for the remainder of 2021, now is a good time to refresh our memories on planning a safe conference. We now have to consider the usual health & safety guidelines and more stringent restrictions to keep our guests safe from Covid 19 and follow public health advice. Meet in DCU offers a safe, flexible Dublin event venue for between 5 and 1200 attendees. Here are some tips to ensure the safety and comfort of your conference attendees while keeping your meeting engaging.

Choose a Safe Venue

As organiser, you need to ensure the conference venue you choose is safe and fit for purpose to guarantee the safety and comfort of your guests. Do some research and choose a venue that is not only appropriate for your event but one which offers additional safety and cleanliness measures as standard to protect your staff and attendees from Covid 19.

Know the Rules

The rules, capacities and guidelines may have changed from the time you started planning your event to the date itself. As the organiser, it is your responsibility to keep up to date with these changes and make the appropriate changes. Make sure you are familiar with both the public health guidelines for meetings and events and the general public health guidance. At DCU Meetings, we offer a flexible policy and remain at your assistance to ensure your event is as seamless as possible despite changing guidelines.

Pre-event Communication

Pre-event communication with your venue and attendees are more important than ever post-Covid. While many will be excited to get back to face to face meetings and events in Dublin, many will be reluctant. Your event should be planned with health and safety as a priority, keeping these hesitant, even fearful, attendees in mind at all times. You may be taking every precaution to ensure their minds are at ease, but you need to let them know in advance the measures you have put in place. Communication with attendees should be well in advance of the meeting and opportunity given to ask questions or seek clarification.

Use Technology

We’ve entered the era of conference calling and everything touchless and as an event organiser, you should make use of the new technology that is available to you. Businesses and events have pivoted over the past year or so, conducting conferences online – often in industries that we never would have dreamed possible. Using technology and helped by our experienced event staff, you can bring your event into the homes of millions of people at the touch of a button. To make your in-person event safer for staff and attendees, you can offer online agendas and schedules, e-tickets, QR codes, contactless payments, and sign-ins and plenty of signage signalling social distancing, health & safety guidelines and one way systems.

Prepare for the Unexpected

If the past two years have thought us anything, it’s that things can change at the last minute, without warning. Prepare for the unexpected when organising an event. This can range from reducing or increasing the capacity of your conference at the last minute, going completely online or even having to cancel. DCU conference and event venue in Dublin are happy to work with you to create a flexible event with only the highest disinfection and sanitation measures in place. Make sure to let your attendees know in advance what will happen in case you need to cancel or amend your event.

Conference and Event Venue in Dublin

When you book our Dublin event venue, we offer you a choice of meeting rooms across DCU’s three campuses in a variety of shapes and sizes. Our conference and lecture rooms can be used by anyone looking to spread knowledge and exchange ideas. We offer a variety of conference styles, large scale theatre style rooms, tiered sating, classroom, boardroom, and interview styles. Every meeting booked with us is overseen by a designated event manager who will assist you on your conference journey from initial concept to successful completion. Aside from our conference facilities, you can enjoy our picturesque surrounds, a variety of catering options, excellent transport links and on-site parking and complimentary wi-fi across the campus.

Contact our friendly team today by filling in a form online. We look forward to working together to create a safe and memorable event for your attendees.