Make A Trip Out Of Your Dublin Conference

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Make a trip out of your Dublin conference

If you’re lucky enough to have your conference in our excellent conference and events venue in DCU, why not extend your trip and make it a mini-break! Dublin is not only an excellent business and events location, with many multi-national companies’ European headquarters based here, we also offer a very unique welcome to our valued guests. Here are some of the best reasons to extend your business trip and enjoy the rest of what Dublin has to offer.

What to do in Dublin?

Dublin is the centre of all of the main concert halls, entertainment venues, business districts and sporting arenas in the entire country. Paired with the city’s impressive museums, our exciting nightlife and our friendly culture, it’s not hard to see why Dublin is one of the most favoured destinations for a weekend or city break.

Tourist Attractions

Dublin has been ‘the home of the black stuff’ since its establishment in 1759.The Guinness Storehouse is the most popular paid tourist attraction in Ireland and for good reason. Spread over 7 floors and cleverly shaped as a glass atrium in the form of a pint of Guinness, the storehouse tells the story of Irelands’ most famous export. The story is told through interactive exhibitions and different sections including ingredients, brewing, transport, cooperage, advertising, and sponsorship. The Storehouse is a popular location for corporate trips as well as attracting millions of tourists from across the globe.

Dublin’s museum scene is next to none. We have a rich and varied history on the island of Ireland, from innovation to revolution, a lot of which has been immortalised in the many exhibitions in our various museums. Learn about our military history in the Irish Military War Museum, our natural history in the Natural History Museum or the fascinating history and archaeological history in the beautiful National Museum of Ireland. If you’re more interested in our creativity than our history, enjoy dissecting works from at home and abroad in the National Gallery of Ireland or the Modern Art Gallery for something a little more unusual. Dublin has galleries, exhibition centres, theatres, arenas, public gardens, fascinating government buildings and so much more to explore, all you need is time!

Explore the Guiness Storehouse from Meet In DCU

Corporate Dining in Dublin

If you’re here as a tourist, you won’t mind too much about where you eat. Dublin is a foodie’s paradise with restaurants, cafes and eateries on every corner serving excellent food at reasonable prices. If you’ve decided to stay on after a Dublin event as a corporate guest or group, you’re probably looking for something with a little bit of class. We have a huge variety of fine dining establishments dotted across the city, many of which have won prestigious awards and accolades like Michelin Stars. A favourite of ours is Chapter One, a highly rated and very popular restaurant cum bookshop in Dublin city centre. Their elegant dining rooms lend themselves perfectly to corporate dining at any time of the day.

Accommodation in Dublin

What do you look for when choosing a hotel for a break? Chances are you won’t be spending much leisure time in your room so somewhere warm, comfortable and clean will do. Dublin has a plethora of luxury hotels in the city and beyond. We have very high standards for hotel accommodation in Dublin and you get what you pay for. You can expect 5-star facilities, food and service from these beautiful accommodations. If you’re looking for cheap and cheerful accommodation you might even consider staying on campus in DCU rooms. We are in a commutable distance to Dublin city centre and ideal for travel to and from the airport.

Explore Dublin

As well as our excellent selection of tourist attractions and cultural delights, Dublin is a great place to enjoy the great outdoors. We have a stunning coastline to be explored with seaside towns, excellent seafood restaurants and beautiful cliff walks. Dublin has some top-notch golf courses, many wild green spaces and the largest walled park in Europe a short distance from DCU Events Venue – ideal to unwind after a long day of business. The Dublin Mountains are a great place to enjoy a leisurely walk or a challenging hike and the city’s bike rental scheme, Dublin Bikes, makes it easy to get from A to B.

DCU’s Dublin event spaces are flexible and adaptable to suit the unique needs of your event. Our spaces range from a purpose-built conference venue to a smaller meeting room, accommodating anything from 5 to 1200 attendees. If you’d like to hold your event in any of our meeting spaces, contact our experienced team today to discuss your unique needs.

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Meeting Rooms

Bleisure in Dublin

If you’re lucky enough to be in Dublin on business, make the most of your visit by making the most of your downtime. There are

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